Consider unprocessed food over finely processed food

Consider unprocessed food over finely processed food

It is understood when seniors insist on the need for processed food because of the fact that dental issues might present a huge problem. You will agree with me too that seniors may prefer soft refined food over rough and unprocessed food because they may have artificial teeth but this should not be an excuse because unprocessed food can be cooked to tenderness. Now it is important for seniors to consider unprocessed food basically because of a number of reason that we are going to discuss in this article. Do you love unprocessed food? Think of spaghetti! Think of white bread and other types of soft food stuffs. Are they extra processed? Yes they are extra processed.

Healthy advantages of eating unprocessed food

Unprocessed foods are very important for your body health basically because they contain the right minerals as well as antioxidants and also vitamins crucial for your body health. You will agree with me that extra processed food substrates are not sweet like unprocessed food. In fact, you will also realize that you may not be able to fill your stomach by introducing the right bulk. The effect of this is that you will always feel hungry and grave for more. Take an example of fries and spaghetti. These are soft extra processed food and since they are too soft, you might not fill your stomach easily. You will always eat more and risk being obese.

Unprocessed food normally increase food bulk in your stomach

Food bulk within your stomach is very crucial in the sense that it aid digestion. The movement of food through the digestive system depends largely on the presence of roughage and these roughages are accrued from the kernel or the cover part of the seed. For example, wheat has the kernel which is always removed during processing. With that idea, the bulky part of the seed is lost. Whenever you eat pancakes made from purely refined flour, you will realize that you eat a lot. This is because of less bulk. Digestion might also be a problem.

Unprocessed food cuts down digestion issues

Seniors are more prone to indigestion and it is with that reason that we seniors need to make sure that we take whole foods. This means that you need to eat those brown foods. This will keep you away from being diabetic and from gaining weight. Moreover, you will never have indigestion issues.